NBN - Broadband

The government has established a new company that will invest up to $43 billion over 8 years to build and operate a National Broadband Network, delivering superfast broadband to Australian homes and workplaces. The new company is names the NBN Co.

The NBN Co. will build and operate a new network to deliver superfast broadband across Australia. The network will be built on fibre and supplemented by next generation wireless and satellite technology.

When the new network is complete all Australians will be able to access fast broadband. Connecting fibre optic cables directly to homes will allow speeds of 100Mbps and beyond, which is 100 times faster than speeds currently used by many Australians.

The National Broadband Network will be the single largest infrastructure project in Australian history, creating tens of thousands of jobs over its eight year period in areas such as digging ditches, running the fibres, planning and engineering, connecting homes and businesses and supplying network hardware.

The delivery of the new service to the end user will require the installation of new customer premises equipment (CPE) and possibly new and upgraded cabling (external and internal) in residential, business and multi-dwelling environments. These new CPE and cabling requirements will require the definition of new technical standards, training arrangements and installation practices.

For further information regarding the National Broadband Network please see TITAB's National Broadband Network Frequently Asked Questions page.

Other useful websites are:
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The NBN Co. - www.nbnco.com.au/


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