End-User Premises Handbooks

NBN End-User Premises Handbook

The NBN End-User Premises Handbook describes:

  • the main components of NBN End-User Premises and the key details surrounding each component.
  • the installation practices and guidelines for the installation and operation of the NBN at customers’ homes, businesses and other service sites.
  • key information and issues relating to End-User Premises, intended to provide a common reference point for further discussions among the communications industry, construction industry, NBN infrastructure providers, government and regulators.

This edition incorporates a correction amendment dated August 2010.


The Installer Cabling Handbook for Residential Wiring 

The objective of this handbook is to provide a how-to guide for the INSTALLER to install the minimum cabling requirements to support residential services, including those required for energy management.

This handbook does not specify the technologies that enable those services, but provides a step-by-step guide for the installer to meet the specification given by the end user to meet the recommendations as outlined in the "CODE OF PRACTICE FOR HOME WIRING".

If you wish to have a copy of the Installers Cabling Handbook, please email cdc@copperdev.com


The Code of Practice for Home Wiring

This document sets out the building cabling platform standards to be complied with.

If you wish to have a copy of the Code of Practice for Home Wiring, please email cdc@copperdev.com


Quick Guide to Smart Wiring

This document is designed for the consumer to easily communicate to the installer what services they want without the need to have detailed knowledge of each technology area.

Click here for a copy of the Smart Wired Handbook.


The NBN Co In-Home Wiring Guide for SDUs and MDUs

The NBN Co In-Home Wiring Guide for SDUs and MDUs is a detailed document produced by the NBN Co.

This handbook can be accessed by clicking here.