National Broadband Network (NBN)

 The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia wide project to upgrade the existing fixed line phone and internet network infrastructure. It is essential for Australia’s transition to a digital future. Fast broadband has the potential to fuel growth and drive improvements to local economies, businesses and homes, bringing new opportunities to the whole country.

The aim of the NBN is to give access to fast, reliable and affordable services from a range of providers. Due to the nature and size of our country there is a plan to use a mix of technologies to deliver the NBN, using the best fit solution for each area. It’s important to check your address to find out about the rollout in a particularyour area, as the steps to prepare for installation differ for each location.

The NBN in your Home

Here are a few of the many benefits of fast broadband you could enjoy:

Work, life balanceworking from home becomes a real option for many, when you can experience a fast and reliable internet connection in much the same way as you do in the office. 

Connecting with those that matter – whether for pleasure or business, smoother video conferencing via fast broadband makes face to face contact with loved ones or work colleagues an easy, enjoyable experience.

Better for busy households – everyone at home can be online at the same time, on multiple devices and all enjoying the same high speed. Day-to-day chores like online shopping and banking become more efficient over a fast connection.

Entertainment for everyone – video streaming, entertainment on demand, online games, music and photos, access to international TV, news and sport, you can enjoy the entertainment of your choice on every connected device in your home.

A brighter future – the NBN provides the potential to change the way we learn, improving the education landscape for Australia by extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom.  It’s expected to provide future generations with the skills to flourish in the digital world.

Healthier options – e-health and telehealth can thrive with the input of fast broadband. Quick transfer of medical images and documents, video consultations, secure sharing of records, payments and systems, the benefits are for all and go beyond addressing the medical gap between urban and regional areas. 

The NBN for your Business

The NBN is essential for Australia’s digital evolution to support future economic and social growth. Economic growth and technology are intrinsically linked and this makes investment in the NBN for Australia crucial. The digital economy demands a fast and reliable network to enable; access to new markets, opportunity to reduce costs and drive innovation as well as gaining competitive edge on the global stage. Here are a few of the many benefits of fast broadband that your business could enjoy:

Better engagement, stronger relationships – fast, reliable broadband brings video conferencing to life. Meet with customers, suppliers and colleagues, regardless of location, face to face without even leaving your desk, saving time consuming and costly travel.

Connectivity counts, so does cutting costs – the benefits of cloud based services are realised with access to high-speed broadband. With access to customers, suppliers, staff and information at home as well as in the office, on any connected device, you have the freedom to work smarter.

New markets, new opportunities – fast internet can improve the online experience for your customers, remove geographic barriers and as we connect more homes in Australia, grow your potential local market too.

Flexible working, boost productivity – widespread availability of fast, reliable broadband could allow more flexible working, the ability to open up new employment opportunities, including those in more remote locations. The NBN has the potential to boost productivity of your existing staff.

Improve performance, focus on the future – the NBN provides potential to sell new products and services, exploit new channels to market and to offer services globally. It could provide the opportunity to improve operational efficiency and change the way you do business in the future.

Celebrating collaboration – bring together the best possible team regardless of location and when team members are away from the office they can still be connected to the project. The ability to share resources, meet and work together could help drive team productivity too.

For further information regarding the National Broadband Network please see TITAB's National Broadband Network Frequently Asked Questions page   

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