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What is Rate Your Training? 

Rate Your Training is a website that helps employers make an informed decision about training that suits their business needs. Employers can rate their experience with a registered training organisation (RTO) in a particular area of study, and view and compare the opinions of other employers. The website is www.rateyourtraining.com.au

Who created it, and why?

Rate Your Training was created by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) in response to employer demand for information about the quality in the training market. Access to a suite of quality indicators would have benefits for end users, including:

  • RTOs would have increased capacity to understand their own performance from a quality perspective to inform their own continuous improvement.
  • Consumers would be better able to make informed choices about providers and courses.

Is it a government site?

DEECD is the site administrator and manages its functionality. All ratings are provided by users of the website. DEECD does not endorse any ratings given by those who use the site.

What are the key features of Rate Your Training?

A user can:

  • rate the performance of a registered training organisation in Victoria. Ratings are made on a specific study area, rather than on the provider in general.
  • view the ratings for a specific training provider within a defined study area
  • compare up to three training providers at a time, within a defined study area

Are there any limitations?

  • Any online tool that offers user-reviews is subjective and based on the opinions of individuals.
  • Employers will start rating after launch, so there will be few ratings  to view initially.



How were the criteria chosen?

The criteria have been adapted from those developed by the Institute for Trade Skills Excellence. DEECD acknowledges the Commonwealth Government as the owners of the original criteria. Criteria have been industry-tested.



How are ratings given?

Employers that have used a registered training organisation can rate their experience. They first select the name of the provider, then a specific area of study. The user then rates the provider against 15 criteria, seven of which are optional. A simple, 5-star rating system is used.

How are ratings validated?

After a user has given their rating, they are required to provide their email address. A link is then sent to their email address which they must click it to activate the rating.

How often can someone give a rating?

With their email address, a user can only give one rating per study area per RTO per six month period.

Who rates the training?

Ratings are given by the public. DEECD does not give ratings, or endorse any rating given by any user of the site.

What do the stars mean?

The stars are a simple way for users to rate their experience.  The legend shows what the stars mean.

Image preview

Can users post comments?

There is no capacity for comments.

Why are ratings given on an area of study?

There are thousands of courses in Victoria (plus course variations) which would make it hard to get enough ratings against any course to make the results meaningful. To help ensure a sufficient concentration of ratings against a given category, ratings are provided on areas of study.

Who can see the ratings?

Anyone can view the aggregated ratings. Information regarding individual ratings and those gave them will not be made available.

What happens to the data?

The data (ratings) will be stored securely within DEECD. Data not made available or used for any purpose other than to display ratings.



How do you review the ratings for a registered training organisation?

A user first selects the name of the provider they are interested in, then a subject area offered by that provider. The star-ratings are displayed.

How do you compare ratings for multiple registered training providers?

A user first selects the subject area they are interested in. A results screen is then displayed, with a list of providers who offer that study area. Users can then select up to three providers to compare at once.

On the comparison results screen, how are organisations listed?

They are listed by number of stars each, then alphabetical by training provider. 


Registered training providers

Are all registered training organisations listed?

All training organisations that are registered with training.gov.au, and that have the scope to deliver publicly available courses in Victoria, are included. Providers can choose to opt-out.

How can listed registered training organisations opt out?

To opt out, providers should contact the TAFE and Training Line at tafe.courseline@edumail.vic.gov.au or on 131 823. The website will state that the RTO has opted out so that users understand the provider has chosen to withdraw, rather than the system returning inaccurate search results.

Who should registered training organisations contact for more information?

RTOs should contact Susan Cullen, Manager Client Information and Engagement Unit DEECD on 03 9637 2743 or cullen.susan.s@edumail.vic .gov.au

How does it benefit training providers?

RTOs can gain insights into areas where they are achieving, or where there is opportunity for improvement, according to employer opinion. The ratings will offer useful quality signals against these 15 specific criteria and the opportunity to see how RTOs compare against other providers in relevant areas of study, according to employer opinion.


Industry associations

Who should industry associations contact for more information?

Industry associations should contact Susan Cullen, Manager Client Information and Engagement Unit DEECD on 03 9637 2743 or cullen.susan.s@edumail.vic .gov.au