Cabler Provider Rules guide

The Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2000 (CPRs) regulates the cabling industry and ensures that cabling requirements are in place to promote safety and maintain network integrity.

The registration type you require will depend on the type of cabling work you will be undertaking. There are three types of cabling work:

  • restricted cabling work
  • open cabling work
  • lift cabling work.

These categories of cabling work are defined in the Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2000 (the CPRs). There are also additional competencies (previously known as endorsements) that are required if you will be undertaking any specialised cabling work.

You must hold the appropriate cabling registration, or be directly supervised by the holder of the appropriate cabling registration, if you intend to undertake any work on customer cabling.

All cablers should make themselves familiar with the requirements of the Cabling Provider Rules.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have also created the following brochures to help understand the requirements:

1. "Cabling Provider Rules Brochure" This brochure briefly outlines the 10 major requirements of the Cabling Provider Rules and is intended for cablers who currently hold a cabling registration

2. " Do you want to be a registered cabler?"  This brochure is a guide to prospective telecommunications cablers.  It provides information to new cablers about obtaining a cabling registration

For any further information please contact the ACMA on