Cabling Competency Standards

The nationally endorsed training packages include Competency Standards, Assessment Guidelines and Qualifications Framework. These form the basis of training and assessment in the Training Package. 

Each unit of competency identifies a discrete workplace requirement and includes the knowledge and skills that underpin competency as well as language, literacy and numeracy; and occupational health and safety requirements. The units of competency must be adhered to in training and assessment to ensure consistency of outcomes.

To download a cabling competency standard click on the relevent competency number below.

Competency Standards for ICT10


Restricted Registration ICTCBL2136B

Open Registration ICTCBL2137B

Lift Registration ICTCBL2138B


Structured Cabling ICTCBL3009B

Optical Fibre ICTCBL3010B

Coaxial Cable ICTCBL3011B

Aerial ICTCBL3020A, ICTCBL3021A

Underground  ICTCBL3018A, ICTCBL3019A

Cable and System Testing ICTCBL3013A