ICT10 Training Package

ICT10 Integrated Telecommunications Training Package is a revision of the ICT02 Telecommunications Training Package which was developed in 2002.

ICT10 has involved many changes to the Training Package to bring it to the forefront with industry requirements.

With the Federal Government driving the agenda with a number of initiatives including the National Broadband Network (NBN), Digital Education Revolution (DER) and sustainability practices to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse effects on the environment there has been major work to refresh this Training Package to meet the needs of the Australian industry and the community.

ICT10 comprises of 26 qualifications developed with industry consultation and validation with the following:

Revised qualifications

Eleven (11) qualifications from the ICT02 Version 3.0 Training Package were revised and updated to include current practices and technologies in:

  • Cabling (CPE and Access)

  • Digital Reception Technology

  • Network Planning

  • Radio Communications

  • Telecommunications

  • New qualifications

New qualifications

Fifteen (15) new qualifications were developed to provide pathways in skill shortage areas in new and emerging technology areas and internet protocol (IP) convergence in:

  • Broadband and Wireless Networks

  • Network Planning and Design

  • Optical Frequency Networks

  • Rigging Installation

  • Radio Frequency Networks

  • Telecommunications Management

  • Telecommunications Network Engineering

  • Telecommunications Technology for VET in schools program.

Skill sets

Twenty (20) new skill sets have been developed to provide pathways for skill update in new technology areas. These are in:

  • Broadband Networks  

  • Sustainability

  • Optical and Wireless Networks

  • ICT Networking

  • Radio Technology

  • Customer Premises Networks

  • Digital Reception Technology

  • Digital Home Integration

  • Rigging Installations

  • Small Medium Enterprise Networks

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Customer and Access Cabling

  • Convergence Technologies

  • Help Desk Support   

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