Cabler Registration Form

After you have met the relevant training requirements for the type of cabling work you have selected, you can apply for a cabling registration with TITAB.

You will need to complete a TITAB registration form and forward it with a copy of the certificate or statement of attainment from the completed course. 

Notify Change of Contact Details

It is important to advise TITAB of any change of contact details to ensure compliance with the ACMA guidelines. Change of contact details can include address, phone number or email.

Email to notify TITAB of any changes to your contact details

Registration Upgrade Form

If you have undertaken additional training to enable you to upgrade your registration type or include endorsements, you can notify TITAB by using this form.  You will also be required to provide a copy of your additional training records.

On successful completion of the registration upgrade you will receive a new card, certificate and receipt in the mail. The cost to upgrade your registration details is $25 including GST.

Replacement Card Form

You can use this form if you wish to replace your registration card for any reason, such as loss or it being stolen.

The cost for a replacement card is $15 including GST.

TCA1(+2) Order Form

At the completion of each job it is mandatory for all cablers to provide customers with a Telecommunications Cabling Advice Form (TCA1) or equivalent and to keep a copy for their own records.

As an additional service to cablers, TITAB has created a pad of 25 carbonised forms. The pad is available from TITAB for only $15.95 including GST.

A Bulk Pack of 5 pads x 25 carbonised forms is also available for a discounted price of $60.00 including GST (A total saving of $19.75 per pack).

A leather look folder can also be purchased to hold your TCA1(+2) pad. This can be purchased for $29.75 including GST and comes with a free TCA1 pad and pen.

Assessor Registration Form

If you are interested in becoming a TITAB Registered Assessor you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • hold a current telecommunication cabler registration
  • complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or equivalent
  • be competent to assess competencies which you have attained

Applications can be lodged to TITAB with a copy of the relevant training records using the TITAB Assessor registration form. 

Re-Application Form

Did you hold a TITAB Registration but let it expire? To reapply for a TITAB registration, download the Re-Application Form, complete it and return it to TITAB.

Renewal Form

This form can be used when you are still currently on the TITAB database. To verify your registration go to . Your details can be confirmed in the "Search function on the home page.