Cabler registration

TITAB Australia Cabler Registry Services is one of  the telecommunications industry registrars for the Cabling Provider Rules (CPR) System.

All cabling work - Open, Restricted or Lift - must be performed by a registered cabler.

Upon completion of the relevant training, cablers who wish to become registered with TITAB should click here for a registration form.

TITAB is a not-for-profit, industry owned body.

The fees for becoming a TITAB registered cabler are either: $40 (inc GST) for 1 year or $90 (inc GST) for 3 years


Click Here to view a "YouTube" clip explaining what is required when registering with TITAB Australia.

Types of Registration

OPEN - Open registration covers all types of residential and commercial cabling work.  It includes cabling that terminates directly on a socket, network termination device or distributor.

RESTRICTED - Restricted registration covers a restricted range of residential and small business work.

LIFT - Lift registration covers telecommunications cabling for lift installations.

Endorsement Recognition

TITAB also offer recognition of the following industry endorsements: 

Structured Cabling (S)

Coaxial Cabling (C)

Optical Fibre (O)

Underground (U)

Aerial (A)

Testing (T)

These endorsements can be added to an OPEN registration where the relevant level of training has been met and evidence provided.