How to Register with TITAB

After you have met the relevant training requirements for the type of cabling work you have selected, you can apply for a cabling registration with TITAB.

You will need to complete a TITAB registration form and forward it with a copy of the certificate or statement of attainment from the completed course.  Payment details should also be included.



Types of Registration

OPEN - Open registration covers all types of residential and commercial cabling work.  It includes cabling that terminates directly on a socket, network termination device or distributor.

RESTRICTED - Restricted registration covers a restricted range of residential and small business work.

LIFT - Lift registration covers telecommunications cabling for lift installations.

TITAB has a list of Registered Training Organisations who conduct Open, Restricted, Lift and endorsement cabling courses throughout Australia.

The fees to become a registered cabler with TITAB are:

$40 for 1 year registration OR $90 for 3 years of registration

Please forward all applications to:



PO Box 348

Carlton South VIC 3053


03 9650 0485