Why register with TITAB?

TITAB is a telecommunications industry registrar for the Cabling Provider Rules.

All building cabling connected to the telecommunications network must be installed by a qualified person who is nationally registered with an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) accredited registrar under the Cabling Provider Rules (CPR)

As an ACMA accredited, not-for-profit, industry-owned body, TITAB:

  • provides industry advice to enterprises ranging from the major telcos to individual contractors

  • has qualified consultants to help with technical questions

  • keeps cablers informed via email, newsletters and website access

  • supplies national cabling training manuals

  • has links to training providers

  • recognises specialised competencies or endorsements

  • is responsible for the network of TITAB registered assessors

  • is part of a coalition of enterprises, trainers and other stakeholders for national consistency in training and assessment with an emphasis on the NBN

  • has links to IBSA - working with the  IT & Telecommunications training packages

  • participates in several industry forums and contributes to industry magazines such as the Connection Magazine

  • is member of ADTIA, ATUG, Communications Alliance and the Cabling Advisory Group (CAG)

By registering with TITAB you'll get:

  1. a registration card and certificate

  2. experienced advice that makes registering easy

  3. access to qualified training providers

  4. endorsement recognition

  5. a bi-annual newsletter and regular email information

  6. national website listing as a cabler

  7. access to key telecommunications bodies through our industry affiliations


FEE:         1 YR = $40                  3YRS = $90